Job Call: Background Artist

For Leap of Faith Visual Novel Development Project

[PAID] Seeking BACKGROUND ARTIST for Visual Novel time travel story set in Upstate New York, present day and Revolutionary War era. Need interior and exterior house and exterior farm illustrations (2 for each setting = same drawing with slight modifications to indicate different time periods, 10+ illustrations total.) Open to a variety of styles but artwork must compliment story and sprites (preferably not anime.) Historic reference images will be provided. Total number of drawings negotiated at batch illustration rate.


Artist will be paid via the SUNY Oneonta college grants office, so artist must have a U.S. EIN number or U.S. Social Security number to be eligible. Drawings must be completed and digital files submitted to game developer by May 31, 2020 (last day to process invoice for grant payment.)


If artist and developer work well together, artist will be considered for a second set of background illustrations.

For questions or to apply send email to: 
Karen Stewart at

Please include sample illustration and rates. Thank you!

Opening Theme - Samuel VanDemark
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Closing Theme - Samuel VanDemark
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Leap of Faith Game Synopsis


Faith is a do-good college student with a crusader's heart. She loves her hometown, a small village in upstate New York, and is working hard to preserve a special old house on the outskirts of town. One evening, Faith’s preservation efforts and a burst of magic mysteriously collide, and she is pulled back in time to the American Revolutionary War. Working in the past, Faith teams up with the original occupants of her favorite house to help save their home and their village from British invasion. Together they play a pivotal role in the Burning of the Valleys military campaign, and help lead the American Patriots to victory.

Leap of Faith is an Otome visual novel video game with five romance routes.

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